Glass Mosaic Tiles


With the development of society, the improvement of people's living standards, quality of life requirements, pay attention to decoration has become a universal psychology, and gold culture in the Chinese culture squadron people deep-rooted thinking influence, so that gold mosaic gradually into the public family , become people's daily consumer goods...


Chinese traditional gold foil craft spells out the colorful world, resplendent, distinguished and elegant in the luxury and avant-garde decoration art - this is the precious jade handmade gold mosaic to bring you the sensory enjoyment and real experience. Add an unexpected color to your life, High-end atmosphere, the most important is do not expensive.


Mosaic pattern is mainly used in the expression of abstract art images, the use of the principle of picture pixels, the image of each color point, with a different mosaic collage, production requires very patience. And when we appreciation of mosaic art works, need certain distance, we must pay attention to this point! By the way, we can production similar bisazza glass mosaic patterns.


Mosaic mural is use mosaic chips as raw material,then by 100% handcraft processing,color and texture natural coordination. The most important things is we accept customized make design,picture can use glass mosaic to be cut become art glass mosaic murals. By the way, we can products similar sicis hand cut art glass mosaic murals pattern. We are factory at china.

Jinyuan mosaic designers always make every mosaic artwork with the basis of the beauty, while the high end style art is the result of Jinyuan mosaic designers 
thinkings, we are not for design to design, we are not for creation to create, we are basing on the mosaic art creation to communicate with the historical old ancients, 
the civilization of Damashi in ancient Roman, the mysterious ancient Greece art, the ancient with mystery baroque pattern, the 5000 years history China culture, all 
of them are no end art feeding for Jinyuan mosaic designers. Picture by picture’s creative artworks have become amazing masterpiece through Jinyuan’s mosaic 
designers. We are eager the stars and sky, so we choose far place, we follow old ancient footsteps, so we choose poem and picture.

About us



Boluo JINYUAN MOSAIC Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. Located in Guangdong Province, we are a specialized manufacturer in gold and silver foil mosaic,MOSAIC PATTERN,MOSAIC MURAL,material mixed mosaic and colored gold mosaic,so on. Our products are not only appreciated in domestic market, but also have growing markets in many countries and regions including America, Europe, Southeast Asia,Mid East,Africa,Australia… …We boast advanced Italian production equipment, professional workers, a perfect quality management system and a modern workshop.

Mosaic design has a long history and it is regarded as noble artwork. It becomes more and more popular in Europe, South America, the Middle East and China. When we do the mosaic panel, we combine the conventional production techniques with natural colors, smooth lines, fine work person and accurate modeling. All kinds of figures, landscapes and images in the design are lively.

Originating in China, gold foil is a kind of Chinese traditional handicraft, and the use of it can date back to 1700 years ago. In the traditional way of making gold foil, the gold bars with gold content of 99.99% are used as the main material. They have to go through more than 10 special processes, so as to acquire golden color, soft brightness as well as amazingly low weight and thickness (less than 0.12 micrometer).

With the historical responsibility of passing on the great Chinese civilization, Jinyuan Mosaic devotes itself to the development of imitation gold foil mosaic, making gold no longer expensive and making gold mosaic and its culture now available for the common people. As the independently developed products of our factory, Jinyuan imitation gold foil mosaic owns complete intellectual property rights. Our imitation gold foil mosaic has achieved a unique style through the special product formula and mature technological process. Its effect is highly close to real gold. In other words, nothing can dwarf it only except real gold.

As an exclusive prescription & mature technology, the imitated GOLD MOSAIC is very like 24K Real Gold. That is to say except real gold, we are No. 1.

Jinyuan imitation gold foil mosaic has passed the strict inspection of the authority and can adapt to various environments. It is widely used in places such as swimming pool, background wall, bar counter, ceiling, aisle, pillar and so on. At the same time, it is the representative of luxurious decorations for hotel, nightclub, senior leisure club, KTV, featured shop and house. Its stage can go as far as you can imagine.

Jinyuan mosaic insists on being oriented by the market and powered by research and development, which not only contributes greatly to the independent innovation and scientific development in China, but also shows the world the eternal charm of Chinese culture and its national brand.

We will try our best to make gold mosaic cheaper and popular around the world.

Guided by the market, research and development is our driving force. We are trying to make a contribution to Chinese culture by independent innovation and scientific development.

Our team is welcome any inquiries or order all over the world. Just contact for win -win cooperation.