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We JINYUAN MOSAIC is very much attached to own brand protection. In 2011 years, our CEO Mr.HaiPing Chen had apply for GOLD FOIL MOSAIC patent certificate to the State Intellectual Property Office already.

The certificate application are qualified after the examination, that there is no reason for rejection, meet the conditions issued by the grant of the patent right, the patent administrative department of the State Council (i.e. the State Intellectual Property Office) make a decision to grant the patent right, the patent applicant issued patent certificate, is a legal document that reflects the enterprises attach importance to intellectual property rights, highlighting the the focus of investment and enterprise technology innovation, is the most important intangible assets of enterprises, is the core of modern enterprise competitiveness.

And then ,after year and year focus on and continuous improvement. Now we  have confident to say that we are the leader in this of Chinese mosaic tile market. This is not enough, Mr.HaiPing Chen has a strong will we can be the superior and famous MOSAIC SUPPLIER . This goal will lead us -Jinyuan people more professional, more powerful and more international.

Jinyuan mosaic insists on being oriented by the market and powered by research and development, which not only contributes greatly to the independent innovation and scientific development in China, but also shows the world the eternal charm of Chinese culture and its national brand.

We will try our best to make gold mosaic cheaper and popular around the world.

Guided by the market, research and development is our driving force. We are trying to make a contribution to Chinese culture by independent innovation and scientific development.

Our team is welcome any inquiries or order all over the world. Just contact for win -win cooperation.

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