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Gold foil and gold mosaic tile of JINYUAN brand

一月 7, 2018

Now, the world is very popular with the gold mosaic from Jinyuanmosaic, because the mosaic of gold foil mosaic is very luxurious on the background wall.
In particular, Jin Yuan mosaic – as one of the top 10 mosaic brand, we have 20 years of experience in gold mosaic tile . we launched a special mosaic gold – it is cheap, can be used for water, never fade. It has been recognized by mosaic distributor in the word
Because Jin Yuan mosaic brand has been popular all over the world, people would like to know what is gold foil , and what is gold foil mosaic?

Gold foil is a thin piece made of gold hammered. Because the good ductility and plasticity of gold, one or two (31.25 g) pure gold can be hammered into gold foil with a thickness of 1/10000 millimeters and an area of 16.2 square meters. That is, 1g of gold can be made into a pure gold foil of about 0.5 square meters, with a thickness only 0.12 um.
The Standard Specification for gold foil is 9.33cm*9.33cm, and other commonly used specifications are 8cm*8cm, 10.9cm*10.9cm, 4.5cm*1.5cm, 2.75cm*2.75cm.
Gold foil is a traditional handicraft of Chinese nation. It was originated from the Eastern Jin Dynasty and developed in the Southern Dynasty in China. It is popular in Song Dynasty. Nanjing is the birthplace of gold foil. Nanjing gold foil has been nearly 1700 years ago. Now Nanjing is the largest gold foil production center in the world.

We can determine the true or false gold through the naked eye, we can put the foil to the light will appear green is really gold, and imitation gold foil to light is not green; secondly, it is much thinner than gold imitation gold foil, gold foil and imitation gold foil is really much thicker, finally. We can also use fire to test gold foil, imitation gold foil is the main raw material of copper, copper and copper oxide is generated by burning black, but the real gold does not change with fire
According to color, gold foil will be divided into white gold foil, rose gold foil, gold foil and so on. According to the composition of gold foil material, gold foil will be divided into real gold foil and imitation gold foil.
Finally, we confirm that engineers of JinYuanmosaic will create various mosaic for gold foil and be used to decorate our house so that to make our life more beautiful.

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