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rich mosaic chip for mosaic mural design ideas

一月 8, 2018

Jin Yuan not only has experienced mosaic murals designers, but also have thousands of mosaic chips, these colorful loose mosaic chip, with our experienced mosaic designs ideas , we can create different style of  thousands of mural mosaics。

The small and exquisite  flower on peacock’s head is like a several jade’s flower, its opening color is like a huge feather fan, each of its black circle are alternated with black, green and yellow which like many big eyes.

Seeing A flower peacock’s tail  is shaking swoosh, its beautiful tail is just like the immortal lady’s colorful fan, slowly expending, also like bright pearl glowing on its body, so pretty.

Peacock is like a splendid green cloud crossing the mountain top when flying.

Seeing the flower peacock is upright its body with long feather on its tail, surrounding a circle like a colorful big umbrella, and also like a round colorful satin.

Peacock’s color like a palace’s green fan when opening, the eyes mottle on the tail feather reflects the glory like many pieces of mirrors.

The love of flower and bird is the best of life, most of time we neglected the most simple love, mountain and water, flower and bird, grass and tree, stone and sand……the feeling and taste of nature is the most comfortable to the life. If asking where is the heaven, the heaven is among the mountain and water, flower and bird, like poem like picture so intoxicated.

I always like to quietly hear when there is no one around me, listen to the voice of flower and bird. My heart will be rised up circles of ripples when every time I listen to the sound of blossom, the blossoming voice like a low flight purple swallow slightly crossing the quiet surface of lake. My heart will thrill through careless clouds when listening to the bird’s pleasing music.

The flower is blooming in the wind, like a flute playing, like a song spreading across the Samuel lam , birds singing after singing , crossing over the river, climbing over the mountain and standing on the tourist horse back, pursuing the dream in the heart and went away, only left the remaining sound still echoing in the empty valley.

A red fine horse is riding in the wide grass, hooves churning, long horse hairs flying, the magnificent posture is like a homing pigeon crossing ocean hardly, and also like the swallow flying in the stormy sea.

A different color of horse group are coming out from everywhere, like the tide and overwhelming trundling from the winter grass, thousands and millions of horses gather together roaring and running, such a wide grass and running fine horses made me appreciate the feeling of wide grass and realize the power of the horse cascading.

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