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Story of mosaic tile

一月 7, 2018

Mosaic tile is a kind of important indoor decoration materials.Because of its unique decoration, personalized, rich materials, specifications change diversification, environmental water and other unique properties, it has become more and more important in the decoration materials. In fact, as early as 70 – 80s, home walls has been began to use glass mosaic and ceramic mosaic. However, due to the limitation of technology and technology in that era, mosaic varieties were single and specifications were few, so there was no mainstream trend. But after 2000 years passed, mosaic tile product of technology and development of the cutting and shaping equipment made the mosaic tiles reappear more and more. Nowadays, mosaic tiles have come back to the floor ground, and become the favorite of decorative materials in a colorful form, which is favored by avant-garde and fashionable families.

I have been working since 2002 , that time have a group of incoming Chinese when mosaic tiles from Italy. I remembered, mosaic tile paints were imported from Italy, that is very expensive, until 2004 China Shandong paint factory has to solve mosaic tile paint technology, successfully reduce produce cost. The kiln for mosaic come from Taiwan that was 80 meters long, divided into 13 sections to control temperature, extremely difficult to operate. Later, Foshan in China has been began made the kiln that more energy saving and environmental protection. The cost was slowly fall down. The capacity of mosaic tile made was growing too.

And mosaic tile cutting machine becoming more experienced also. From handmade, them by L angle, afterwards an elastic steel wire to strike the cutting glass mosaic edge type, and later the first roller, and now the automatic shock machine, Chinese mosaic technology development is simply a history museum. As the first technician of mosaic, witnessed the evolution of the whole historical process. In fact, the evolution process of mosaic development, the development process did not China from all walks of life. The start is unusually hard, technology is more far behind foreign counterparts in this pilot study, engineers repeated countless production process improvement, until completely beyond the foreign counterparts, in the meantime, the embodiment of our 1 billion 300 million people’s great wisdom and dedication. The difficult process of a mosaic tile history is part of a magnificent Chinese economic history.

“Mosaic tile” is an English translation of foreign words. Because mosaic is a kind of classification belongs to the ceramic tile, for more accurate classification of small tiles. We think that the industry size is larger than 25*25MM specifications, which belongs to the ceramic tile, where the specification is less than or equal to 25*25 MM specifications means mosaic.
It is generally believed that mosaic tiles was originated from Greece, and the early Greeks’ marble mosaic is the most commonly used black and white collocation. Only the rulers of the authority and the rich people can afford the craftsmen and buy the materials to show the luxury art. When developing to the Late Greek mosaic, artists began to need smaller fragments to enrich their works more and more, and cut stones to complete mosaic art. In the period of Rome, mosaics had been developed very widely. The floors and walls of common houses and public buildings were decorated with them. the mosaic tile look so rich at that time, which used Rome architecture luxurious to an incredible degree. The brilliant time of mosaic was due to early Christians came to Rome, who were persecuted and had to meet only in the basement and other channels. As most people are illiterate, there are glass mosaic murals that describe the Jesus Christ story on the walls of the basement. Constantin the great emperor legalized Christianity and vigorously publicized its emperor of Rome. Constantinople ‘s church was decorated beautifully with a large number of mosaics. The color is becoming more and more rich, and gold foil was also used in transparent glass. The characteristic of Sicily mosaic is the gold bottom. The Byzantine period was almost equal to the word “mosaic”.
Now, the material of mosaic tiles is not limited to use stone or glass. In function, mosaic tile is becoming more and more extensive in wall decorative.

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