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wall mosaic pattern design ideas

一月 8, 2018

Jin Yuan attaches great importance to  wall mosaic  design, we have very strong mosaic design team.   mosaic pattern design and  mosaic design ideas has always been our advantage.  wall mosaic tile vitality is artistic design, that has been our core competitiveness.

Picture by picture of classical mosaic pattern designs from Jinyuan mosaic designers are the artworks with all efforts, such these excellent mosaic pattern design artworks have touched human beings deep heart, they made our feeling shocked and our spirit upgraded and our minds opened. They are worth reading and seeing numerous of times, they made us have the sentiment of ‘mosaic. Life. art’, made us cross the time space, pls make a spirit conversation with these artworks in front of them……

Jinyuan mosaic designers always make every mosaic artwork with the basis of the beauty, while the high end style art is the result of Jinyuan mosaic designers thinkings, we are not for design to design, we are not for creation to create, we are basing on the mosaic art creation to communicate with the historical old ancients, the civilization of Damashi in ancient Roman, the mysterious ancient Greece art, the ancient with mystery baroque pattern, the 5000 years history China culture, all of them are no end art feeding for Jinyuan mosaic designers. Picture by picture’s creative artworks have become amazing masterpiece through Jinyuan’s mosaic designers. We are eager the stars and sky, so we choose far place, we follow old ancient footsteps, so we choose poem and picture.

Hazy mountains are covering a thin muslin, vaguely in misty clouds, far and near, here and there, like a few of light ink is hanging in the blue sky.

Mountains are dumbness but voiced, the torrent dash down of waterfall is roaring like cracked ground, the murmuring stream is saying like the graceful violin, the bubbling water is like the beautiful singing voice, that roar pine tree is the mountain against fierce wind, the clear tick is the record of gone time for mountain.

Mountain and water’s integration is the match of silence and moves, the combination of dull and splendor, their combination is the most beautiful scene.






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